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The SunPowa water heating system, ideal for situations where there is no electricity
or simply to help create a greener environment.

Designed and produced in South Africa

• Affordable Minimal maintenance required
• Product has been developed and tested over 5 years
• Product green and totally recyclable
• Saves our trees
• Limited deterioration as result of being exposed to the elements
• Use of product minimises reliance on traditional heating methods
• Saves on cost of paraffin, coal, wood, gas or electricity
• Use of product reduces carbon emission
• Heats water to in excess of 65 Deg °C killing off bacteria in dirty water.

(Tested by CSIR)

Product specifications
• Capacity of ±10 litres of water per unit
• Single unit dimensions – 600mm x 450mm x 150mm
• Unit weighs 5.69 kg when empty
• Units can be linked in series
• Unit can be filled by using garden hose or from a container
• Best results in direct sunlight without cloud cover – ”Follow the Sun”
• Water will reach 55 Deg C in approximately 2 hours
• Water will reach 65+ Deg C in approximately 4 hours
• Wind and outside temperature have no affect on heating capability
• Water will remain hot for up to 2 hours after sunset
• Ecologically beneficial-totally green product

The Sunpowa Cooker

Get cooking by only using the sun.
Our portable sun cooker is easy and affordable for any circumstances.
Cook your favorite meals with no extra cost.
Saves on cost of paraffin, coal, wood, gas or electricity
Use of product reduces carbon emission

Weight: 4kg
600mm x 600mm x 150mm

Lasts for 10-20 Years